Every one has a story, here is The Wood Story.


The Growing Trend

The recent past has witnessed an extensive use of laminates and natural veneers in the interior designing industry. It has also evident a more elaborative implementation that from their initial use as a mere decorative surface in table tops and counters.

Today, natural wood veneers are used for many elaborative implementations in home and workspace interiors including hotels, institutions, restaurants, etc.

Technological advancement has given a great boost to the wood veneer applications. Besides which, we at The Wood Story showcases a wide number of shades, patterns, figures, characters, and textures in natural wood veneers encompassing – Timeless Natural Wood Veneers, Abstract Wood Veneers, Fumed Wood Veneers, and Weathered Wood Veneers that allows you to choose according to your the ambience you intend to create.

Natural Veneer is made out of cutting thin slices of wood logs, natural veneers add a touch of elegance to interiors. Veneers are an extremely thin slice of lumber obtained from trees. These wood veneers are categorised from the way they are cut or sliced. Since veneers are actually wood slices, they deliver a soothing and a natural wooden look to your interiors. The genesis of natural veneer dates about 4000 years ago, in the era of ancient Egypt, Imperial Rome, Ancient Persia and Japan.

Since decades natural veneer has played a crucial role in interior décor industry, by enabling designers and craftsman to craft great stories with Passion.



What began as a simple love for wood, has transformed into a brand. The passion for the art of nature and to work with like-minded designers and woodworkers has taken the shape of a welcoming one-stop-shop for Veneers in Pune, Nagpur, and Kolhapur – The Wood Story.

The Wood Story takes the privilege and the pride to be Pune’s first Concept focused “Only Veneer” Store. Being the manufacturer, supplier, and retailer for wood veneer sheets; The Wood Story is acknowledged for extending innovative and timeless natural wood veneers characterized by class and elegance.

The Wood Story is initiated and nurtured by Mr. Dinesh Jain, who has dedicated 26 crucial years of his life to shaping his passion for wood veneers.

“People with great passion can make the impossible happen.”

Inked by passion, The Wood Story was initiated over a decade ago to make the impossible happen. Being a 21st Century exotic natural veneer brand and with veneers at its heart, it offers the most innovative and exclusive range of natural veneers from across the globe providing a better choice to craft the best design story ever.

Backed by in-depth insights and conformance to international quality standards, we, at The Wood Story always goes an extra mile to deliver nothing than the best.

Underpinning the vision to emerge as an iconic brand in the wood veneer industry is a performance culture committed to aspiration targets, social responsibility, continuous improvement, openness, and transparency.

“Nature is Beautiful, eye-witness over 500 variations of Beauty at The Wood Story”

Known for its extensive range and the finest quality of natural wood veneers, The Wood Story brings to you the unsung notes and the unseen characters of wood.

“What’s in ‘the’ name?” once asked Shakespeare.

“Our Purpose, our Vision, and Our motive” replied The Wood Story.

Ask about where the brand got its name from and it goes like… the name ‘The Wood Story’ was conceived with a thought, which further got propagated the brand’s principal suppliers “Every veneer has a story to tell” and has a distinct personality. The Wood Story not only sell veneers but also inspires the clients to create their story with the most exclusive and the most exotic veneers. In doing so, the brand takes great pains to find veneers that suit each of their client’s distinctive personality. The Wood Story is a, therefore, a true blue retail outlet which is also an experience by itself. ​


We, at The Wood Story, believe natural veneers call for a special attention. The Wood Story is strategically placed to provide that much-sought attention. Way back in 2014, there was no other store in the country, which specialized only in Veneers. The Wood Story was conceptualized to fill this gap in the market. Clear in its concept of NOT having any other product other than veneers under its roof, The Wood Story helps you paint your canvas (home) with veneers.

The Wood Story actively scans & integrates various international trends into its purchasing decisions and is thereby able to maintain its leadership position in the veneer retail space.


With the vision to showcase nothing but Veneers, the brand has made an enviable name for itself in being the first & only brand in this space which stocks and sells only veneers. Talking about the way forward, the brand is all set to create its niche in a couple of cities/towns by setting similar concept focused “Only Veneer” Stores. However, let time unfold what’s in the store of the future, as the locations are yet being evaluated.

It is our vision that has been the keynote of our existence. It has enabled us to deliver lifestyle statements that are synonymous with contemporary living. It has also empowered us to bring about a fundamental transformation in the concept of living spaces.

Come, unlock the world of luxurious natural veneers with a click!